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18-Nov-2017 22:50

The acid or alkaline balance in the vagina also changes, becoming either more alkaline in consistency or less acidic, which means intercourse can make a woman sore or experience cramping.This condition is known as “atrophic vaginitis.” All is not lost for menopausal women, there are medical and organic relief for women who experience these symptoms.In fact, many women go right through menopause, as if it were only a slight inconvenience.But others, experience sexual difficulties, making it hard to discuss, much less to find validation for what they are going through.A few tricks can still produce satisfying sex during menopause.These include: Female physicians and scientists are reporting the benefits of continuing a healthy sexual contact for women during and after menopause.These are the hormones which trick the brain into thinking that pain and anxiety is lessened and also allows women to feel that tingling sexual sensation.

Because hormone levels naturally decrease* during and after menopause, internal and external changes take place in our bodies.

Some women during and after menopause have fewer intense orgasms.

If your sexual experience was good before menopause, then it should continue afterwards, especially if you have an open communication with your partner.

Sex also strengthens the pelvic muscles and it strengthens the bladder.

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Having a sexual orgasm, releases a hormone called oxytocin, as well as endorphins.

It is reported that women’s sexual effectiveness and the enjoyment of penetration, generally peaks in our forties.