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27-Jun-2017 01:35

He had cofounded the company with Peter Thiel and built it into a Silicon Valley success with the help of Reid Hoffman and Elon Musk. But Levchin couldn't totally let go."I had the embarrassment factor of having our HR head, who was still there, take me aside and say, 'Hey, I just want to remind you: You quit, right?

And so she would test foods produced all over Ukraine for radioactive poisoning, which, of course, 99.9% of the time were not at all radioactively poisoned.

So I think I was very busy trying to Americanize or assimilate and spend a lot less time trying to realize how difficult it is. Shontell: So you graduated from the University of Illinois and promptly head to Silicon Valley?

There's plenty of cultural shocks where the idea of not buttoning your shirt all the way to the top was something I had to learn first day of school. Levchin: I actually hung around campus for a little while longer, because one of my companies was failing and I didn't feel like having it fail in transit.

Chernobyl is somewhere between 100 miles and 90 miles North of Kiev, so it's quite close." data-reactid="94"Max Levchin: So her job was at, randomly enough, the National Institute of Food Hygiene.

Even before we knew that Chernobyl had a nuclear explosion. She was constantly testing foods and there was all sorts of new data coming out.

How I Did It."and On this episode, Levchin talks about his failures before Pay Pal and how he stumbled into a product that fit the market.