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Now I’m in the middle of six weeks of radiation, which is every day, and it’s horrible. What tips would you offer other moms working through cancer?

First, form a community of friends and supporters, because that is so helpful.

My kids have a very involved dad, but I’m on my own.

I have my own business, so I wondered: Your mind plays such crazy games.

I know it’s hard to ask for help, but when people offer, take them up on it.

Second, once I had my treatment plan in place, I found it helpful to talk to other survivors. There was a woman at my son’s school who sent me an extensive list of all of the side effects from chemo, and one of them mentioned that your nose will run all the time because your nose hairs will fall out. What are some of the positive things that have resulted from your diagnosis?

He was actually approached by Don Kernodle, who was Ivan Koloff's partner at the time. Don had approached Road Warrior Animal and, actually, what he asked was, 'Do you know any big guys who wouldn't mind shaving their head and becoming a Russian?

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We talked to Denise about how she balances being a hard-working mom of two with an oft-grueling treatment schedule and her advocacy for breast cancer survivors. In November, I felt a little bump and a little pain on the side of my left breast. A month later I felt it again, and I called a friend in the field. I went right in for a sonogram, and they sent me right in for a biopsy, and then an MRI, and then a series of many, many more tests.

There were times my kids’ teachers emailed me and said, “He’s upset today.” And I would email back and say, “Tell him at I’m work. Tell him I’m great.” I think it was so helpful for them to know I’m going to work. One of the things that’s really important to me—that is still getting me through treatments—is working out.

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