Card free online sexy valentine

05-Jun-2017 01:48

Why not try sending our Stripping Hamster Birthday e Card?

Watch as Hot Fur, our chipmunk Chippendale's dancer, hilariously shakes his groove thing to our original song, .

These ecards are able to be personalized with a message from you and sent to their email or Facebook page.

Looking for something a little titillating to send to a close friend on their birthday?

Look, Vegas has got the romantic dinner of your dreams whether those feature beer and bratwurst or gourmet French cuisine.

Of course we have the obvious – the Eiffel Tower restaurant, Top of the World, Alizé, Rivea (all restaurants with romantic views) and every gourmet restaurant in town.

It is always a fun, flirty, participatory naughty birthday e Cards experience that pleases the recipient.

This calendar is free for personal use only, not for commercial use.

You can print as many as you like for yourself or as a gift to someone, but you are not allowed to sell this calendar in digital or print form, nor to distribute it in its original or in an altered form.

Ladies, entice and titillate your man by sending him our Flirty Birthday e Card for Him.

This is the perfect naughty birthday e Cards to email him at work and let him know you have a fun evening waiting at home for him. I'm ready for a new start, for change and betterment.