Autistic gay dating

11-Nov-2017 19:06

Cory’s partner of five years, who is not autistic, is very supportive.

Their relationship is strong and they manage the occasional challenges that include Cory’s trouble reading emotions. For example, angry and annoyed sound very similar to me.

I wish there was a cure.” Kylie has known she’s autistic since she was 14.

She finds the social impairments less troublesome than the physical symptoms.

Autism (which is known formally as autistic spectrum disorder, and includes what was formerly known as Asperger syndrome) refers to a range of conditions of brain development.

Some autistic people consider it a disability, while others think of it as just a difference.

“He understands how I think, and sometimes he may need to push me a bit,” says Cory. He might be annoyed with me, and I take that as angry.

So trying to understand the difference between the two is hard.

Whether being autistic is related to being gay or bi is harder to find figures for, but ask someone with a lot of friends on the spectrum if they know many straight people, and you’ll get an idea. He is involved in advocacy for LGBTI rights and for people with disabilities.

He works with groups including Rainbow Labor Network Victoria, which works for equality and diversity, and Inclusive Labor, which addresses policymaking around people with disabilities.

He was diagnosed young and went to a school for autistic kids.

It’s just who we are.” Kylie*, a 27-year-old trans lesbian, does think of her autism as a disability. “I hate being autistic way more than I hate being trans.

There’s treatment for being trans, but there’s none for autism.

“They would actually say, ‘We notice you have a bit of autism.’ It would always end up with, well you can’t get the job.

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