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14-Dec-2017 07:05

While she preserved her spot in the game for a few extra days by winning two immunity challenges, she was eventually bested and, after being betrayed by Natalie during Tribal Council, she was voted out and became the final member of the jury.

Here's what Ashley had to say about her experience...

If I went out on a tie-breaker that would have been easier to handle for me.

You had a pretty strained relationship with Phillip. "Obviously you saw how much Phillip and I clashed but that was no surprise to anyone.

I have a strong personality and it's harder for me to keep things in, which is why you saw all the facial reactions I made.

If he had made it to the end, there was no question in my mind that no matter who he went up against he would have won so I think that was huge.

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Everyone's gonna have their opinions but until you're in the game and see how difficult it is, it's easy to make assumptions from home."You said that you and Natalie knew about Rob's idol.

I just put that pressure on myself and fell short."Was your last vote a difficult decision given how Rob had blindsided you? For me, I said even before if I wasn't in the finals I was going to vote for the person that was most deserving.

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